Downtown Newton Social District General Information

Welcome to the Downtown Newton Social District — a space where all things social are discovered! This is a specifically designed sidewalk-zoned area that allows for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, purchased from ABC-permitted businesses to be carried throughout the designated district on specific days and times. Cups are labeled with a specific logo for each business, as shown.

What is a Social District?
The North Carolina General Assembly passed Session Law 2021-150 in 2021, allowing cities to create “Social Districts” where individuals over 21 can buy an alcoholic beverage from licensed establishments (i.e., bars, breweries, taprooms, bottle shops, restaurants) and consume to-go drinks within a designated common area and participating businesses.

What are the district's operating hours?

  • 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday - Saturday

"Do's" of the District

  1. Purchase your beverages only from permitted businesses
  2. Enjoy your beverages only on the designated sidewalks within the district boundaries. Please do not take beverages on the 1924 Court House Lawn.
  3. Be responsible for your behavior. Follow all rules associated with the DTN Social District
  4. When enjoying your beverages, please only enter businesses with signage that permits alcoholic beverages.
  5. Remember to consume or discard a beverage before entering another ABC-permitted business with cups from other logoed businesses.

"Don't's" of  the District:

  1. Bring your own alcohol.
  2. Bring or refill any logo or non-logoed cup.
  3. Take any alcoholic beverages outside the designated district zone as listed and designated boundary signage for the district.
  4. Assume that every business agrees or participates in the social district and look for the social district sticker on business doors or windows for participation.
  5. Take any alcoholic beverages from one ABC-licensed business into another.
The district has boundaries. Patrons should familiarize themselves with the boundaries before visiting.
  • The district includes sidewalks along A Street from Bost Avenue to College Avenue, 1st Street from Bost Avenue to College Avenue, 2nd Street from Main Avenue to College Avenue, Ashe Avenue from A Street to 1st Street, Main Avenue from A Street to 2nd Street, and College Avenue from A Street to 3rd Street.
  • Patrons are responsible for knowing district boundaries and are prohibited from carrying drinks purchased within the district outside its boundaries.
  • If a patron chooses to leave the district while carrying a drink, he or she must dispose of the container and any unfinished drink before leaving.
  • Social district limits signs (shown below) alert patrons when they approach district boundaries.
  • No BYOB. Patrons are prohibited from carrying drinks from outside the district into the district.