Façade Grant

Downtown Newton Façade Improvement Grant

Façade Improvement Grants (FIGs) are available to building owners or tenants located in the Downtown Newton Business Core and the north Newton Growth zone (see Map). The grant program intends to provide financial incentives to encourage appropriate and attractive improvements to downtown buildings by increasing their longevity and raising property values. The grant program is administered by the Downtown Newton Development Association (DNDA) as a reimbursement grant providing a cumulative total of $5000 per address, per calendar year, including one or all funding levels listed below. Reimbursement FIGs are limited to a 50/50 match on all funding levels requested.

Applications are to be turned in by the 10th of each month for review at the next Board meetings with quorum. All year-end applications must be in by Nov. 10, 2023 to be considered for the current calendar year.

Requirements before work is started:

  • A pre-application meeting with DNDA Executive Director and/or Planning Department
  • Application is to be made before work is started.
  • Provide Façade Grant application with 1 set of plans/drawings with a minimum of 2 job quotes for all costs associated with a new installation from a qualified professional with a sample of paint color, swatch of the awing material, and/or pictures of any other materials on outside of the building. (does not include sign on building or signage on windows)
  • Provide information and Plans to the City of Newton Planning Department
  • 1 set of plans given to the Catawba County Planning Department for design review and approval
  • Provide a color swatch of any color changes to the building
  • Must provide pictures of the current conditions of the building’s scope of projected work
  • Provide proof of sign-off by all agencies for NEW FAÇADE or improvements to Building
  • Before the reimbursement check is issued, the applicant must sign a W9 in the amount of the grant reimbursement amount, proof of payment in full to the licensed contractor, and final pictures of the job

Grant Conditions
Each FIGs shall be limited to a maximum total of $5000 for total grant requests per address, per calendar year. FIG categories can be used in combination, however, a maximum of $5000 per address, per calendar year will exist. Building signage is not eligible for grant support. The property owner/tenant is required to contribute a minimum of 50% of the total cost of the improvements, but this percentage may be higher.  All FIG requests are subject to available DNDA funding. A grant must be approved before the commencement of any construction work. All FIGs are in the form of reimbursements after the fact, which means that all work covered by the FIG must be completed and paid for by the owner/tenant with proof of full payment before the reimbursement. FIGs are subject to a fair and impartial review based on the merits of the project, completeness of the application, and availability of grant funds.
Please note: This grant program requires adherence to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation.